Writing Task Force 2005 - 2008

The Dean of Arts, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost, established in September 2005 a joint Arts/University Task Force to complete a thorough assessment of writing instruction, competencies, resources, and supports at the University of Alberta.

Given the then-current development of new academic and institutional strategic plans and given the urgent need to address issues of educational quality as the Campus Alberta system continued to expand, it was felt that a wide-ranging enquiry with participation from across campus was merited. Thus, the Task Force had student, instructor, and administrative representation from many other faculties and programs as well as from the Faculty of Arts. During the three years of its work, the Task Force averaged 20 members per year, plus two graduate assistants.

The Task Force submitted to the Dean of Arts and to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) an interim report (with preliminary recommendations) in June 2006 and a final report (with further recommendations) in April 2008. As a result of the Task Force’s work, the U of A funded Writing Initiatives through the Special Initiatives Fund, resulting (to date) in a Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Program, the Centre for Writers, and a substantial number of Writing Studies courses (WRS), offered through the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Faculty of Arts.

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