CAWS Steering Committee 2014-2017

The members of the Steering Committee are those who have organized or will soon be hosting/organizing a CAWS Colloquium. In order to ensure continuity, Steering Committee members will rotate off three years after the month of the colloquium they helped organize/host. If they need to rotate off sooner, they’ll arrange for a replacement, preferably from their own institution or, failing that, from an Alberta institution of higher education not yet represented. The goal is to make sure that the Campus Alberta Writing Studies group continues to gather at least twice a year and that we have a reasonably representative committee to decide the locations and times of upcoming colloquia.

As of October 2012, the Steering Committee has a Chair (to be elected by Steering Committee members every two years) whose primary responsibility is prompting the Steering Committee at least twice a year to determine the location and the organizer(s) of each subsequent colloquium. Organizers should circulate information about upcoming colloquia on CAWSlist right after the immediately preceding colloquium (within a month or two if possible) so that CAWS members can note date, time and location in their calendars well in advance. Organizers will also need to submit detailed information formatted for posting on the CAWS website (see Events.aspx for the correct format). Details about CAWS events can be sent to Sarah Banting, chair of the steering committee:

Please feel free to contact the chair or anyone on the Steering Committee if your institution is interested in hosting a future colloquium.

Current members*, in alphabetical order by last name, are as follows:
Jo-Anne Andre, University of Calgary
Sarah Banting, Mount Royal University
Pam Farvolden, Grant MacEwan University
Elizabeth Willson Gordon, King's University
Roger Graves, University of Alberta
Lucie Moussu, University of Alberta

*Anyone interested in joining the steering committee should contact Sarah Banting,